Cellular Reprogramming, Inc.

Steven D. Sheridan, Ph.D.
Senior Research Investigator
Director, Cellular Modeling of Neuropsychiatric Disease (cMiND)
Center for Genomic Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
I direct the Platform for Cellular Modeling of Neuropsychiatric Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital in the Center for Genomic Medicine. The goal of our program is to develop cellular models of neuropsychiatric patients from a large bank of collected fibroblasts obtained from skin biopsy. We enlisted Cellular Reprogramming Inc. (CRI) to pilot the first 50 lines. Unlike other companies that perform this service, CRI quoted us a fraction of the cost (one company quoted us 8 times more for the same job, typical is 6-10X more) and a quicker turn around time than other companies quoted times. Since that initial pilot, CRI has now reprogrammed 260+ high quality iPSC lines for us under our original budget for just a few dozen and much faster than we had anticipated. I have now recommended CRI to several colleagues, from academia to large pharma, who have used them as well with the same positive results.
Donna L. McPhie, Ph.D.
Director, Cellular Neuropsychiatry Laboratory
Program for Neuropsychiatric Research, McLean Hospital
Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
I am the director of the Cellular Neuropsychiatry Laboratory at McLean Hospital. Our lab has reprogrammed 20 subject lines through Cellular Reprogramming. We have had great success with expanding all of these lines and have found them stable over passaging. We have also used a number of the Cellular Reprogramming lines in an oligodendrocyte differentiation protocol that involves differentiation of over 85 days. In this complex differentiation we find that the Cellular Reprogramming lines behave in a manner similar or better than lines reprogrammed from other sources. Additional pluses are that the cost of the process is very reasonable and that they have excellent customer service. I will definitely be sending more lines to Cellular Reprogramming and I strongly recommended Cellular Reprogramming to colleagues.
Vikram Khurana, M.D., Ph.D.
Principal Investigator and Associate Neurologist
Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases, Department of Neurology, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Principal Faculty, Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard Medical School
I am a Principal Faculty Member at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, based at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Recently, we reprogrammed approximately 20 fibroblast lines to iPSc with Cellular Reprogramming, Inc. I would highly recommend their services. Luigi Warren was professional, personable and delivered on his word. Stated timelines for the work orders were met, and the entire process was efficient and stress-free. Moreover, as has been noted by others, costing was highly competitive and highly enabling for our projects. Reprogramming was achieved for all lines, with only a couple of lines requiring a second attempt (at no extra cost to us). So far, all the resultant lines we have thawed have thawed out easily, exhibited normal karyotype and have readily differentiated into neurons. Clients should be aware that the iPSc lines from Cellular Reprogramming are polyclonal, and understand the implications of that. Typically, after genome editing, our lab subclones out lines, and so beginning with a polyclonal population is immaterial. While polyclonal lines might theoretically be expected to drift with multiple passages, they also avoid potential reprogramming biases originating from single fibroblasts. In any case, as noted above, subcloning is straightforward if desired. In sum, Cellular Reprogramming offers a terrific service to generate iPSc with a standard (mRNA-based) non integrating method. Their highly competitive pricing is enabling for larger scale projects, and they have been a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend them to anyone in academia or industry.
Sangmi Chung, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Cell Biology and Anatomy
New York Medical College
Instructor-Harvard University
Our lab has reprogrammed more than twenty lines for the last couple of years through Cellular Reprogramming, Inc. and had excellent experience with them. They delivered quality product within a give time line and backed their product with excellent customer support. For example, they re-reprogrammed failed lines free of charge and in rare case when their stock does not revive well, they were willing to provide replacement stocks. All their lines are very stable over extended passaging and well maintained their differentiation potential. Their pricing was very reasonable and all our questions were answered in a timely manner. Based on our excellent experience we had, I strongly recommend Cellular Reprogramming, Inc to other investigators for their reprogramming needs.