Cellular Reprogramming, Inc.

Most lines spend about 25-35 days in culture, from the thawing of the fibroblasts to iPSC freezedown at p3 or later. Overall turnaround is typically 30-60 days, allowing for the time required to bring batches of lines into culture and the fact that a minority of lines require extra passages before being release-ready. We will keep you posted and offer staged delivery options when a few problematic lines could impact the overall project schedule. Turnaround can also be affected by the number of lines you submit at once, and by current workload. Work queue priority is set by the date of purchase order receipt.
We supply both clonal and pooled iPSC lines reprogrammed from fibroblasts. Each iPSC line is delivered with a datasheet presenting phase contrast and immunostaining images demonstrating iPSC morphology and generalized expression of canonical molecular markers (OCT4/NANOG/SOX2). All iPSC lines are tested for mycoplasma contamination, and identity by STR analysis.